Coach Barbie Revealed…

Coach Barbie Revealed…

Thursday, August 8, 2013 by Wendy Lam

A few weeks ago Barbie announced their partnership with Coach to create a signature look for the style icon with her very own Coach accessories and clothing. Now here’s the full look at the Coach Barbie! This is the first partnership between Barbie and Coach. Barbie wears a classic Tattersall trench over a striped sweater, ultra-suede skirt and red leather Coach duffle bag, which are exact replicas of the Coach items available for purchase by consumers.

The turn-locks on the skirt are also the very same turn-locks used on Coach handbags today. She comes accessorized with red-round-framed sunglasses and heels from the Coach collection. She is currently available at and retails for $95.

Super cute right? Loving the mini Coach bags!! More photos after the jump…



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