Ray-Ban Envision: The Celebration Of Lenses

Ray-Ban Envision: The Celebration Of Lenses

Thursday, August 1, 2013 by Wendy Lam

For over 75 years, Ray-Ban has been memorable in pushing boundaries and inspiring fashion moments with iconic styles such as the Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster (all my favorites). But as a 1970’s Corvette is only as fierce as its LT-1 engine, a frames quality is only as good as its lenses – and for the first time, the brand puts focus on these attributes by celebrating them in the latest campaign, RAY-BAN ENVISION.

To illustrate the power of each lens, Ray-Ban commissioned four talented artists Ben Hasler, Ellen Lindner, Eoin Coveney, and Robert Sergel to craft a series of exclusive comic books. Embracing the Never Hide spirit to be bold and freely express yourself, the six witty tales take you on a journey behind the different facets of each lens, whether it be highly resistant, anti-glare, long lasting, impactful, resistant, built to move or having the power to outshine. The stories also highlight the newest and hottest Ray-Ban styles including the mirrored Aviator, the Clubmaster and the Lite Force Collection to name a few. Shop the collection at ray-ban.com.

Check out the new Ray-Ban collection and the comics after the jump…


The streaker wears a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator style RB3025 112/69 with mirror lenses, which help to further reduce light transmission for even more visual comfort. To achieve this unique mirror look Ray-Ban uses an advanced technology which creates a permanent bonding of metal oxides on the surface of the lens and optically uniform layer.

by Ben Hasler, full comic here


Lenses are a very delicate part of the glasses. If not properly treated they can get easily broken or damaged. The lenses mounted on Ray-Ban style RB4180 have been made of a material to resist breakage, and have been treated with hard-coting to resist abrasion and scratches than other lenses (from similar material).

by Robert Sergel, full comic here


Ray-Ban Polarized lenses are high clarity optical crystal ones, characterized by a “360° antiglare protection” with polarized filter and anti-reflective coating. Polarization blocks the blinding glare that bounces off horizontal surfaces. They ensure greater visual comfort, reduce eye strain less squinting and eyes are more rested. They also enhance contrast and visual clarity, reduce reflections, improve visual acuity and realistic perception. All Polarized Ray-Ban lenses (have a distinctive “P” onto the lens to distinguish them from the rest of the non-polarized offer) are treated also with Anti-Reflection coating on the backside of the lenses.

by Ellen Linder, full comic here

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