Alohi The Lo-LO Collection

Alohi The Lo-LO Collection

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 by Wendy Lam

Alohi Footwear is kicking off the summer season with the release of their debut collection, The Lo-LO Collection. By combining elements of high street luxury, urban panache, and topnotch shoe-making, the genre-bending Lo-LO Collection braves unfamiliar territory in the world of upmarket sneakers by establishing a middle ground between accessible street fashion and runway vogue.

The first release is two summer appropriate colorways, an ocean-deep steel blue and a sweltering desert tan khaki. Both offerings are accented with a classic, slimmed-downed white toecap, juxtaposing the spirit of modern day urban living with old school simplicity. The shoes feature a lightweight premium canvas-built upper and a fresh folddown lip on the tongue that can be worn in two different styles. The sneakers, resting on vulcanized soles, are discreetly embellished with die cut taping that feature the understated LO logo.

Alohi Footwear’s debut, the Lo-LO Collection, will be available for purchase on their website and at selected retailers including Juice Hong Kong, Juice Taiwan, Juice Shanghai, Undefeated, Heather Grey Wall Japan/Shanghai and Colette.



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