Anna Karin-Karlsson 2013 Sunglasses Collection

Anna Karin-Karlsson 2013 Sunglasses Collection

Friday, May 17, 2013 by Wendy Lam

Last year I introduced Swedish eyewear designer, Anna-Karin Karlsson to you all, I’m a big fan of her designs and this year she’s back with more amazing designs. The theme behind the 2013 collection is heavily symbolic. Anna-Karin took time out from the rest of the world and moved to a cottage in the Swedish countryside in order to realise her ambition of creating couture eyewear. In the dark forests of northern Sweden, Anna-Karin’s determination and vision had few distractions and she worked continously and obsessively. ”Perfecting the Art of Dying Alone”, the title of her 2013 collection derives from working around and engaging in themes of grief and mourning. The collection was created to show the beauty and sorrow of sacrifice and the perishability of it all.

For 2013 she brings back some of her classic styles along with new styles featuring animals, flowers and three dimensional prints decorated on heavy graphic frames. The expression is beautiful, strong and whimsical. Some of the new styles are ”Mourning for Miss Blow” is a tribute to the fashion legend Isabella Blow, who Anna-Karin had the honor of working with in her early years. Originating from her song ”One Trick Pony” the eyewear design ”Black Horse” is Anna-Karin’s most sculptural work to date. ”People want things with a heart – with thought and depth – and I want my designs to live a beautiful, romantic life.”

Really amazing collection, I love so many pairs! The collection is available at

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