nitro:licious x Garment Recycling with H&M

nitro:licious x Garment Recycling with H&M

Thursday, March 14, 2013 by Wendy Lam

Every so often I go through my closet to see what clothes I don’t wear anymore so I can donate it to make room in my closet. This is my unhaul for H&M’s global garment recycling effort. I actually closet detox all the time since I always buy stuff and don’t wear it, so it piles up and takes up a lot of room. I’m one of those people that hardly ever tries anything on in the fitting rooms and I end up having a lot of stuff that either doesn’t fit or I don’t like how it looks on. And I also shop online a lot which makes it a bit harder to return.

At times I give the unwanted clothes to my friends but there’s only so much they can take, the rest I donate to the Salvation Army or other charities. Now that H&M offers garment recycling collection services, donating makes my life much easier and I’ll be doing it more often since I shop there all the time and there’s a couple of stores quite near me. And this is perfect for not wasting stuff and it’s going to help someone out that’s in need.

The best thing about this collection service is that you can donate any clothing, from any brand, in any condition, doesn’t have to be only H&M branded. And the perks for donating, besides doing charity, is that you receive 1 voucher for 15% off 1 item of your choice for each bag you donate (limit two bags per day, per person). Which means you can get 2 items for 15% off each time you bring 2 bags of unwanted clothing to H&M. As an added bonus, if you donate before March 31st you will receive a special ticket that will bump up your discount to 15% off your entire purchase and offer you a chance to win many multiple prizes. Don’t Let Fashion Go To Waste. Learn more at

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