Kimberly Ovitz Launches Jewelry Collection with Shapeways

Kimberly Ovitz Launches Jewelry Collection with Shapeways

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 by Wendy Lam

Los Angeles fashion designer Kimberly Ovitz will debut her first jewelry collection during her runway show in New York Fashion Week on February 7. The designer took the idea of natural defense— an exoskeleton— and brought it to Shapeways, the world’s leading 3D Printing marketplace and community. The two joined forces to create a fluid, organic jewelry line of six pieces that mold to your body like armor.

These designs will be created with 3D printing from lightweight nylon. The collection includes a collar, rings, ear cuffs and bracelets in either black, gray or blue nylon and stainless steel. Shapeways allows the designer to digitally manipulate the materials in a way not possible using traditional design processes.

Kimberly Ovitz’s designs are first produced on white nylon and then dyed in one of four colors. Prices start at $50 for a small ear cuff to $150 for a nylon collar. The stainless steel version will retail for between $400 and $500. The collection will be available on directly after her Fashion show. Pretty cool designs!



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