South Africa Day 2: Lion Park

South Africa Day 2: Lion Park

Monday, October 1, 2012 by Wendy Lam

On the 2nd day of my trip in Johannesburg (aka Joburg), South Africa we went on a mini safari at the Lion Park. When we arrived we jumped into a caged truck and got driven around to see a range of African wildlife species but I was most fascinated by the white lions which starred in the award-winning movie White Lion, so gorgeous! After the tour, we went to play with the lion cubs, OMG they are sooooo kawaii! So obsessed with them, we all got a bit carried away playing with the cubs and when the workers told us to finish up last pictures we didn’t want to leave haha. I’m still dreaming about them, wish I can have one as a pet ha! After the cutesy lion cubs we then went to feed the giraffes, their tongues are so long, black and slimy but they’re really cute and pretty up close. There was one baby giraffe which had the most amazing eyelashes ever. Totally loving them too.

This is definitely a special experience, no words can explain how happy I was especially doing this days before my birthday. What an amazing birthday present! If you get a chance to go to South Africa, you must do this!

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