Balenciaga Cutout Boot revisited…

Balenciaga Cutout Boot revisited…

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 by Wendy Lam

Last week I revisited one of my faves shoes, the Balenciaga Cutout Boot. The boot is heavy duty and seriously weighs about 5lbs, it kills my feet if I wear them for too long but they’re so amazing. I’m willing to make the sacrifice. So when I posted my shoes on Instagram, to my surprise I received a comment from a reader stating they’ve reissued the boot and it’s now available on for pre-order at $1275 (same price). I quickly researched and it was reissued indeed, but in a slightly different colorway. The original boot (my pair) has silver buckle straps, the updated pair is a mix of gold and silver. Which pair do you like better? I was even silly enough to think about getting another pair so I won’t be sad if I beat these bad boys up but of course my size is sold out already.

Balenciaga Buckle Ankle Boot at



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