Stussy Women Fall/Holiday 2012 Lookbook

Stussy Women Fall/Holiday 2012 Lookbook

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 by Wendy Lam

Photos courtesy of Stussy

Stussy released its new Women’s Fall/Holiday 2012 lookbook and I can’t wait to get my hands on the pieces. Although I’m not quite ready for the summer to be over (yes I said it), there are some pieces I’d like to rock now! Definitely feelin’ the Kimba Faux Fur Coat, No. 4 Stripes LS Tee, No. 4 Stripes Sweat Pant, Varsity Terry Hoodie, Moto Peace Coat, Tapestry Coat, SS Stussy S/S Tee and Vintage Varsity Jacket. Did I mention I have a thing for varsity jackets? Love!

Left: Kimba Faux Fur Coat, No. 4 Stripes LS Tee, No. 4 Stripes Sweat Pant
Right: Varsity Terry Hoodie, World Tour Sloppy Tee

Cracker Jack Scarf, Nirvana Blouse | Stussy No.8 Raglan

Nomad Burnout Hoodie, Stussy Tour Tee, Rosette Leggings | Monroe Cropped Jacket, SS Stussy S/S Tee


Eyelet Striped Dress | Number One Pullover Hoodie, Eyelet Shirt Tail Skirt, Beaded Fringe Bracelet


Cracker Jack Scarf, Xerox Gather Blouse | Elvish Pleat Dress, Nomad Necklace


Fly Girl Dress | Glam Pull Over


Old Rose Scarf, Elvish M65 Jacket, Crescent Necklace, Stock Link Boyfriend Tee | Fly Girl Cardy, Tilt Pocket Tee


Sherpa Maxwell Jacket | Ryder Cropped Moto Jacket, No.4 Reverse Tee, Fly Girl Pencil Skirt


Nomad Cut Out Blouse | Leatherette Hoodie, Nomad Cut Out Blouse


Andes Long M65, Bedazzled Beret, Shine Crew Tee | Belle De Jour Moto Jacket, Stussy Paris Crown Wide Neck Crew, Belle De Jour Pencil Skirt


Bedazzled Beret, Zeplin Inner Circle Tee, Nomad Pencil Skirt | Belle De Jour Dress


Bedazzled Scarf, Cold Shoulder Terry Tunic, Nomad Pencil Skirt | Zeplin Maxi Shirt Dress

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