the feast of the black dragon…

the feast of the black dragon…

Friday, January 27, 2012 by Wendy Lam

On the start of Chinese New Year, Hennessy and Origami invited friends and family to dinner to celebrate the Year of the Dragon at Buddakan. We also got a front row seat to see the traditional Lion Dance performance by Luen Hing, haven’t seen that for a min! The dinner was cray, I think it was like a 10-course meal or something, I didn’t even have room for dessert but it was all really yummy. I had an amazing time that night! Many thanks to Jen @ Hennessy, Kevin @ Origami and a big shout-out to Team Epiphany, I didn’t forget you guys :)!

Blinged out Swarovski Hennessy Privilege bottle!

Kevin Saer Leong (Origami)

My seatmate Lisa (Team Ephiphany)

Twinsies: Coltrane (Team Ephiphany) & YM (Freshness/Sneaker News)

Hanging with Jennifer (Hennessy)

nOir Jewelry x Disney dinosaur bones cuff, nOir Jewelry twisted sword ring, Pangea LE bracelets (c/o Pangea)

What was inside the gift bag…thank you!



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