HP TouchSmart 610 PC

HP TouchSmart 610 PC

Friday, January 13, 2012 by Wendy Lam

A new year calls for a new computer, I finally had a chance to setup my new HP TouchSmart 610 PC that I received last month in my home office. I’m quite excited about this PC since there’s no big tower (unlike all the other PCs I had), the design is simple and sleek. This is important since I don’t have a lot of extra space, for those that live in NYC knows most of us live out of a shoebox ha.

The setup was extremely easy and there was just one cord to power up so there’s no clutter. The best thing is its equipped with Beats Audio so the speakers offer amazing sound! I need my music while I’m working, so sound is important. Everything else is pretty much wireless, the mouse and the keyboard. I’m also on a lot of conference calls and webcam chats with my friends across the globe, this all-in-one PC has an integrated webcam and microphone. It’s also perfect for when I travel so my mom can chat with me while I’m away. The large 1080p HD display is super bright and great for watching TV on, I use it a lot for YouTube videos and Netflix. And plus it’s touchscreen so I don’t even need to touch the mouse or keyboard. I still in the midst of setting it up and learning more about it but so far so good. I’m not going to get into too much tech specifications, if you want to learn more check hp.com.


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