Happy Halloween from Zombie Gurl!

Happy Halloween from Zombie Gurl!

Monday, October 31, 2011 by Wendy Lam

Happy Halloween! I think Mother Nature was playing a joke on us this past Saturday, snow and rain with super chilling winds and the next day was sunny clear skies? Absurd! Anyways, did any of you guys go out on Saturday despite the nasty weather? I did! Most of the time I’d get dressed up with my friends but my friends decided to stay home this year. Some are newlyweds and new moms, ah you know the drill. Luckily my friend Jennifer threw a Halloween party at Ward III, I stayed for a bit until a fight broke out with some random drunk peeps. Then headed to Tribeca Grand’s Halloween party for a second. TG had some crazy looking displays, couldn’t help myself but snap photos!

This year I decided to do something more dramatic, I’m not really into the crazy sexy Halloween costumes. I like crazy, scary looking costumes. Thanks to the talented Erik Maisonette at MAC Cosmetics Soho for transforming me into Lady Gaga’s skeleton zombie gurl look in Born This Way. He did an amazing job right? Looks pretty close right? I was pretty blown away, took about an hour to complete the makeup and everyone was snapping photos when they came into the store and saying how amazing it looked. Many thanks to MAC Cosmetics for the hookup, don’t think I can go another year without crazy makeup now! So didn’t want to copy Lady Gaga’s look from  head to toe so I didn’t get a wig and wore my own clothes and worked around it, I wanted to make the look my own. And my nOir Jewelry x Disney Dinosaur Bones Rib Cage Cuff made the look complete! It was really fun! What did you dress up as?

Outfit: Lanvin for H&M Blazer (courtesy of H&M), DimePiece Mr. Madame Button-up w/ Bow-Tie (courtesy DimePiece), H&M Faux Leather Skirt + Opaque Tights, nOir Jewelry x Disney Dinosaur Bones Rib Cage Cuff + DC Comics Cat Woman Claw (courtesy of nOir), Jeffrey Campbell Busted Wedge Bootie (courtesy of Karmaloop), Chanel Bag
Makeup: MAC Soho Artist Erik Maisonette, courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

More pics after the jump…

After my makeup was complete by MAC Soho Artist Erik Maisonette

Brought my iPad with Gaga’s skeleton face look to help with the makeup

Lady Gaga’s Zombie Gurl look…

Isn’t Jennifer so cute? She’s dressed up as Lucky Charms!


Stopped by TriBeca Grand to find my friend Fiona aka Katy Perry for the night but she was no where to be found!

Inspectah Wu! LOL



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