Wednesday, September 21, 2011 by Wendy Lam

Last month I was invited to a Sprayology‘s Summer Detox party at the Trump Soho for the launch of their latest product, Life Detoxer. When I got the invite I didn’t know what to expect but wanted to learn more about the products. Sprayology is quite interesting, the homeopathic oral sprays offer high grade natural vitamins and is said to rejuvenate, relieve restore and rebuild the body. It’s made for the whole family and consists of 22 FDA regulated homeopathic formulas and 2 rebuilding vitamin sprays.

Sprayology address issues ranging from lack of energy, stress, diet, jet lag, allergies, snoring, mental distractions, menopause symptoms and more. All you do is spray under the tongue, where the ingredients and nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream to deliver quicker results. It’s a great homeopathic remedy for those that don’t really like taking medication. I don’t think this replaces medication or going to the doctor when you’re sick but might be a good alternative and/or addition to what you’re currently taking. Prices range from $22 to $34.

I’m quite excited to try this, definitely will try the:

Stress Relief: Temporarily relieves symptoms associated with stress including anxiety, nervousness, mood swings and irritability
SleepEase: Temporarily relieves the common symptoms of insomnia including wakefulness, restlessness, emotional stress and anxiety, caffeine sensitivity
Life Detoxer: Relieves common symptoms environmental toxins (such as second-hand smoke) including respiratory difficulties, sluggishness, lung and liver toxicity, coughing
AllergEase: Temporarily relieves the symptoms of allergies and hay fever including runny nose, itchy eyes, rash, headache and sneezing



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