Elizabeth Grant Light Up Your Lips Gloss

Elizabeth Grant Light Up Your Lips Gloss

Friday, June 24, 2011 by Wendy Lam

I love lip glosses so if there are new ones that my friends recommends then I’ll try it. The newest lip glosses I got are these Elizabeth Grant Light Up Your Lips Gloss, comes packaged with a gold mirror and LED light attached to the tube. This is perfect for those that don’t carry a mirror out like me, I usually have to use my phone as a mirror. And if you’re hitting the clubs and want to reapply lip gloss, you won’t need to go to the bathroom since you’ll have a light in your tube. I remember using these a long time ago (forgot what brand), so I’m happy these are released again. My favorite is definitely the shimmering red shade, available at elizabethgrant.com.



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