Kate Moss x Terry Richardson for Mango + FW11 Fashion Show

Kate Moss x Terry Richardson for Mango + FW11 Fashion Show

Friday, May 20, 2011 by Wendy Lam

A few days ago Mango held its Fall/Winter 2011 fashion show in Paris and what’s interesting this season is that Mango partnered up with Kate Moss and Terry Richardson for a video that aired before the show. Directed by Terry Richardson and starring the one and only Kate Moss, “The Great Escape” video features both of them robbing Mango in Terry Richardson masks while Kate styles herself in the new collection in a runaway van. I also included photos of model Isabeli Fontana since she is the new face of the brand. Check out some of the photos from behind-the-scenes, front row from the show and also the runway video after the jump…

Kate Moss

Kate Moss + Terry Richardson

Kate Moss

Isabeli Fontana – final look on the runway

Isabeli Fontana

For Fall/Winter 2011, elements of day and night are combined to pay tribute to the classic wardrobe of the French woman, always chic, particularly the timeless contrasts of items that include male and female garments. These versatile elements, which can extend from the day into the night, allow the incorporation of glitter, shiny details, gold, Swarovski crystals and sequins, which are applied to a range of fabrics, including wool, denim and bouclé. At night, feathers take flight, while shiny details and sequins sparkle, combined with a carefree mix of classic and sporty elements, giving the night charisma and freedom.

The collection has also been given a passionate and romantic air, thanks to the use of lace and transparent fabrics, sometimes in bright red, alongside textures as rich as angora or leather. The elegant black lines participate in the game of contrasts, in combinations of shiny/matt or black/ivory, producing a more chic and seductive silhouette. Sophistication and movement have not been overlooked, hence the use of animal print patchwork or irregular spots with very flowing forms.

*All photos courtesy of Mango



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