MOB x Baby-G Party @ The Plaza Hotel

MOB x Baby-G Party @ The Plaza Hotel

Saturday, May 7, 2011 by Wendy Lam

Photography: YM

This past Thursday, MTTM invited me to celebrate in Most Official Bitch style for the release of their MOB x Baby-G watch at the Plaza Hotel. MTTM took over the Royal Plaza Suite with sushi, Japanese nail art, booze, poshness and lots and lots of chicks. I got my nails did by Naomi (she does nails for Lady Gaga, Chanel, Fendi and much more), I left it to her to decide what to put on- loves it! Leah sure knows how to make a gurl feel special and definitely knows how to throw a dope party. At the end of the night, guests left with the MOB x Baby-G watch and engraved chopsticks. Fun times! Big-ups to MOB and Baby-G!

Outfit: H&M Suede Dress (courtesy of H&M), Balenciaga Cork Platform Sandals, Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle Bag

Leah lookin’ hot…

DJ Nire, Leah, Me and Jasmine Solano

My friend Shoko’s “MOB” nails…

Naomi and I…

Shoko (Casio) and I

Me and Takashi (Casio)

Me and Leah’s shoessssssss….



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