Blackberry PlayBook NYC Launch Party

Blackberry PlayBook NYC Launch Party

Monday, April 18, 2011 by Wendy Lam

Photos by SLAM for nitro:licious

Last week while I was on a plane back to NYC from my whirlwind trip to Toronto, BlackBerry hosted a launch party for its new tablet, PlayBook in NYC! I was a bit sad to have missed the fab event, I’m a gadget geek at heart, but I sent contributor SLAM to to cover the event. Last month I’ve already got a taste of the PlayBook and have since been waiting to get my hands on my own. At the launch party, co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight, Nancy O’Dell and Orlando Magic’s ‘Superman’ Dwight Howard came through to play with the new tablet, ‘Superman’ seemed to really love it! The PlayBook comes in two colorways: black and white. The big surprise was at the end of the night when invited guests were gifted a 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook! Um, does it get better than that? Mine was waiting for me when I got home, ohhhh la la! Can’t wait to use BlackBerry Bridge to connect my BlackBerry’s internet to the PlayBook, that’s so dope! Stay tuned for my review…

The official launch for the BlackBerry PlayBook in North America is tomorrow, April 19th, who’s excited?!

Dwight Howard



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