Lash Allure MD on GILT

Lash Allure MD on GILT

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 by Wendy Lam

GILT’s images of before and after…

I’ve been thinking of trying out lash enhancement products for awhile now but was afraid of the side effects, can’t mess with the eyes! Also I must admit I was too lazy to go get a prescription. Lash Allure MD is on sale on GILT today and I’m debating if I should order and give it a try. The product description says, “Lash Allure MD is physician formulated without prostaglandins – the ingredient shown to cause skin and eye discolorations in other formulas. It’s paraben-free and clinically proven to give the appearance of thicker, darker lashes and brows in two weeks and full results in six weeks.” Sounds promising and I trust GILT, has anyone tried this product? It’s only $30 (original $49.50) but I’m less worried about the price just the results and side effects. What you think?

GILT’s images of the before and after use of the product looks pretty promising, hmm…


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