Windows Phone 7 Ad Campaign – Really Brilliant!

Windows Phone 7 Ad Campaign – Really Brilliant!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 by Wendy Lam

I’m a phone addict and I’m not going to deny it, so when I saw this new Windows Phone 7 ad campaign I cracked up and could totally relate to it! The ad pokes fun at the awkward moments our addiction to our phones can create, with my head down focused on the phone I’ve totally bumped into someone in the streets and I know you did too. Also, it’s kinda sad that during dinner or an outing almost everyone is checking out their phones rather than interacting with the people we’re sitting right in front of. Imagine yourself in the wedding scene above? Really? LOL!

Smartphones have changed how we interact with one another. As a society, we’ve become addicted to our phones and the way they can help us stay connected — but as a result, we’re spending more time heads-down with our phones, to the point that we become unaware of what’s happening around us.

I haven’t played with the new Windows Phone 7 yet so but the idea of this new smartphone is to “help people get to the stuff that is most important to them — easier and faster.” Microsoft believes that better organization of the phone featuring the dynamic Live Tiles let you quickly see everything you care about on your start screen. So at one glance you’ll know “what’s going on now, what’s happening next and what you’ve missed.” One of the examples that I’m excited about is the built-in camera button, which allows you to be able to snap a photo even when your phone is locked. Quite important to me I have to say, I’ve missed out on some exciting photo ops because of unlocking my phone quite a few times.

I’ll be reviewing the phone soon but in the meantime check out the video ad campaign (and have a laugh) after the jump…


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