NARS Vintage Nail Polish Collection

NARS Vintage Nail Polish Collection

Friday, October 1, 2010 by Wendy Lam

I love nail polish and I’m quite excited about this new NARS Vintage Nail Polish Collection! Five shades, resurrected by popular demand, with NARS’ signature longwearing formula. Imparting an initial high gloss luster that is water and detergent resistant, these vintage polishes are being brought out from the archives for a limited time. With classic cinema as their common theme, here are the shades with original launch dates and the movies that inspired them (read after the jump). The Vintage Nail Polish Collection is available starting today for $16 each at

Love them!

Mash (1996)
Army green infused with gold
The comedy about the staff of a Korean War field hospital using humor to keep their sanity in the face of war. The film inspired the TV series M*A*S*H.

King Kong (1996)
Copper brown infused with gold
A classic movie about the infamous giant ape who becomes smitten with beauty

Midnight Express (1996)
Deep navy
The 1970s film for an inmate’s opportunity to escape from prison

Zulu (1996)
Forest green
A British war movie starring Stanley Baker and Michael Caine, directed by Cy Endfield in 1964

Full Metal Jacket (1998)
Gunmetal grey
An epic Vietnam War movie directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1987



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