Completely Bare Laser Hair Removal

Completely Bare Laser Hair Removal

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 by Wendy Lam

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If you have been following me on Twitter for a good few months you’ve probably already read that I’m getting laser hair removal for my bikini area at Completely Bare. Today, I will be going to my 3rd treatment and so far so good, I’m going completely bare! And believe me when I say if I can do it you can because I’m extremely sensitive to pain and this is very little pain compared to waxing. I am not a fan of hair “down there” so I’ve been contemplating having laser hair removal for the longest time because I hate shaving but was too chicken. Before I decided to do it, I’ve asked my friends that had it done and they all said it felt like a rubber band snapping on your vajayjay but it’s totally worth it and it changed their life. So I decided to suck it up and do it…

Completely Bare suggested I only needed 6 sessions because I am Asian and don’t have that much hair. My first session was before I went on my long trip on June 1st and I was so nervous that day but the technician explained everything thoroughly and encouraged questions so I felt a bit more relieved. The night before I trimmed my treatment area because I was instructed to leave some hair but don’t worry if you forgot the technician will help you if needed. The spa is clean and private, that’s very important to me, don’t want to get any infections or anything like that. Got there and put on my protective goggles and the technician smothered cold gel on my vajayjay and started the IPL (intense pulsed light) and laser to treat unwanted hair. IPL and laser emit highly controlled flashes or pulses of light. The light emitted is attracted to the color in the hair follicle and in result damages the potential regrowth of the follicle. If I told you it didn’t hurt I would be lying but seriously the “shock” was like a rubber band snapping at you but the pain does NOT linger, it’s gone in like 1-2 seconds and the treatment time is quick! I was more scared than I had to be but I was told to not go near your menstruation because your body feels heat more and it will hurt a bit more. Didn’t realize it until I experienced it during my 2nd session but thank God it was still tolerable. Also, hair doesn’t fall off immediately after treatment, it’s not magic. Hair gradually falls out over the next two weeks, it’s actually quite weird. It’s recommended to go back every 4-6 weeks until your treatment is done.

After my first treatment I’ve already noticed my hair growth is a lot slower and there were bald spots already. I recommend not to start treatment in the summer because if you get too tanned on your treatment area they can’t treat you because they’re scared they’ll burn you. I didn’t know that and started in June and when I went to the beach I had to put a towel over my vajayjay to protect it, it was the funniest thing! If you’re seriously thinking about getting laser hair removal you should get a consultation and read more about it here, and not to sound lame but I seriously feel like it will change my life…no more shaving and waxing! After my sixth session I’ll be doing another review and letting you guys know the results, I’m looking forward to not having any hair down there forever! Many thanks to Completely Bare for the complimentary treatments!

Any of you guys get laser hair removal?

Please excuse the goosebumps haha…


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