Christian Siriano for Payless Spring 2011 Collection

Christian Siriano for Payless Spring 2011 Collection

Monday, September 13, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Previously you’ve seen Christian Siriano’s Spring 2011 fashion show finale video and my interview with him about his Payless collection, here’s a look at some detailed pics I took backstage. As I mentioned previously, the Payless collection “meld cultural influences from Africa, India and China together into a single design aesthetic.” I was quite impressed with his new Payless collection, lots of interesting heel shapes and each style is inspired by international cities in each region.

There are four footwear styles in an array of colorways and prints, coordinating handbags will also be featured in the collection due February. Shanghai, a platform peep-toe pump featuring a “chopstick” inspired wood heel with an electroplate finish and the platform sole shape of a classic Chinese shoe. Mumbai was inspired by ancient Buddhist temple architecture featuring straps that cage the foot and wrap around a curved-point heel. Nairobi was heavily influenced by the neckpieces worn by the women of the Padaung tribe of Southeast Asia. Zanzi is a bootie that features inspirations from Africa with a heel designed to resemble an African hand-carved piece emulating a tool common among tribal people.

I know you guys are all wondering if the exact shoes from the runway will be produced. I asked the Payless PR and they said the production shoes will look “very similar” to the ones from the runway. I hope it will not change that much, we’ll just have to wait to find out. I’m happy that his collection was heavily influenced by Asia, love the shoes! Do you like?

Untagged photos courtesy of Payless

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