Gee Wa Wa Fatales Boots

Gee Wa Wa Fatales Boots

Friday, September 3, 2010 by Wendy Lam

When I first saw these Gee Wa Wa Fatales Boots featured in’s Room Service lookbook I was immediately attracted to its awkwardness. Like I said before I find the claw heel very interesting, nothing like what I have in my closet. A couple of days ago a special delivery from arrived at the office and it was these boots, I didn’t get a chance to rock them out yet but I did walk around the office in these and they’re really comfy. I also like the black pebbled leather which makes the boots look distressed, really nice touch. These boots actually look much better in person and on the feet than in pictures, I’ll be shooting these on soon. Thanks to Gee Wa Wa and for the shoes!



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