B Brian Atwood

B Brian Atwood

Thursday, September 2, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Brian Atwood & his Spring/Summer 2010 Albany Shoes [not part of B Brian Atwood]

Pretty excited to hear that Jones Apparel Group Inc. signed a license with Brian Atwood to manufacture, market and distribute a contemporary brand named B Brian Atwood. Now we can all get affordable Brian Atwood shoes for about $200 to $500 compared to $525 to $2,900. According to WWD, B Brian Atwood is scheduled to launch for fall 2011 with shoes, followed by jewelry and handbags the year after, and sportswear and sunglasses in subsequent seasons. The collection will be targeted to women at their twenty- and thirtysomethings and Atwood noted, “The cool, East Village girls who have great style are kind of a muse.”

Can’t wait to see the collection!



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