Marc Jacobs Shows Off His BANGin’ Body in Calvin Klein Interview

Marc Jacobs Shows Off His BANGin’ Body in Calvin Klein Interview

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Photo: Nan Goldin for Harper’s Bazaar

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Marc Jacobs shows off his bangin’ hot bod in the September 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar where Calvin Klein interviewed him about health, life, and his new men’s fragrance, BANG. SEXYYYYYY! Read all about it here, but here’s an excerpt about Bang:

CALVIN KLEIN: I’d like to talk about the fragrance. How would you describe it?
MARC JACOBS: I like it! But no, it’s important to say that because I thought this had to be something I would wear and use and want. So it was in the gym that I came up with the name Bang, like bang! That’s it. Then I thought about what I loved and about spices in particular. So I talked to the people at Coty and I said, “I really like pepper — black, white, yellow, pink peppercorns, pepper fragrance — and I want to wear it.” And then we talked about the bottle and the packaging and the image.

Robert [Duffy], my business partner, said, “I think you’re in really good shape, and you should do the ads.” I had to come up with references where I felt that that was a good idea. I had to find, for me, someone who had done it that made it okay for me to be in it. So, of course, I came up with the famous Yves Saint Laurent image by Jeanloup Sieff, and I thought, Well, there’s someone I respect and admire, and if he can take off his clothes — and it also made a lot of sense because, fashionwise, I’m not a guy who’s sartorial. I’m not Tom Ford in terms of the grooming and the knowledge of clothes and the precision and perfection of getting dressed. There’s nothing I can wear in this ad that isn’t going to look ridiculous. At one point, I tried jeans and a shirt, and it didn’t work. So then Juergen said, “Take off the clothes.” So I did, and that became the ad.

How many of you guys have been playing BANG You’re It, on Marc Jacobs BANG’s Facebook page? Anyone win anything?



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