Outfit: Shredded + Zig Zag

Outfit: Shredded + Zig Zag

Monday, August 23, 2010 by Wendy Lam

I’m usually wearing all black everything but during the summer I try to wear more colors, plus black absorbs too much heat. But for Jay-Z’s concert at Radio City Music Hall on August 12th, I decided to wear “all black everything,” and I’m sure you all know why haha. And it just so happens my new Senso ‘Dainton’ ankle bootie arrived at the office, rocked them immediately! Love the zigzag sole and it went perfectly with my outfit, hotness. You may notice I’m wearing makeup, it’s because I did a photo shoot earlier. Kinda liked the makeup so kept it on the whole day haha…

Outfit: UNIQLO DIY Shredded Top, H&M Skirt, Vintage Chanel Bag, Joomi Lim Cocktail Ring and Senso Dainton Ankle Bootie (courtesy of Solestruck)

*Please excuse the mosquito bites on my legs, it’s seriously still healing…it’s been a minute but doesn’t seem to want to go away!



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