Camp Fenton Fallon DIY Session with Dana Lorenz

Camp Fenton Fallon DIY Session with Dana Lorenz

Thursday, August 12, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Photos courtesy of Vinnie Merlot

All my memories of making jewelry came back when I stepped foot into jewelry designer Dana Lorenz’s Fenton Fallon shop at Freeman Alley on Tuesday night. A lucky group of fashion bloggers were invited to her shop to make our own Fenton Fallon-inspired necklaces, we were given a quick tutorial then we all got to ‘work’. Piles of raw materials were placed on the tables for us to choose from and there were lots from chains to pearls to spikes to crystals! There were also lots of temptations on the table, jelly beans, cookies, caramel popcorn and drinks were there as we worked our crafty hands. I was a bit overwhelmed at first but quickly snapped out of it once I picked out some raw materials, it ain’t easy I gotta tell you. It was fun times and I got to bring home a one-of-a-kind “nitro:licious x Fenton Fallon” DIY necklace ha! Mad props to Dana for creating such amazing pieces, it seriously takes crafty hands and a creative mind. Check out her designs at

UPDATE 08.27.2010: Check out the video below…

Karen from Fenton Fallon was a great help.


DJ Belle de Jour (India Jewel-Jackson) kept us entertained.

Getting busy with Noel (Glam) and Jordana (Clutch 22)

Me and Tracy Lomrantz (Glamour) wearing our pieces, mine wasn’t completed yet.

Looking serious…I was into it haha…

My “masterpiece” haha, didn’t have enough time since I had to dash out of there but I like it. It’s no Fenton Fallon but I tried haha…



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