Ralph Lauren Launches Big Pony Fragrance Collection

Ralph Lauren Launches Big Pony Fragrance Collection

Thursday, July 22, 2010 by Wendy Lam

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been getting a series of packages from Ralph Lauren counting down to the release of their Big Pony fragrance collection. The series of gifts represent four distinct personalities captured in fragrance collection: Sporty, Seductive, Adventurous and Stylish. The new fragrances are targeted at young men at 18-30 years old and of course Polo lovers. Inspired by the four players of a polo team, this quartet of fragrances empowers a new generation of men to get into the game and play by their own rules.

All four fragrances are based on a duo of ingredients to give a clear and precise signal from the top to the background. This new and unique way to build fragrance results in construction that is clear and strong, while playing with young and lively ingredients. The sleek, translucent and modernized flask bottles of the Big Pony Collection are infused with rich color tints, contrasting with alternate splashes of color in their oversized Polo Player icons and individual numbers – assigned according to scent and personality.

Also, check out the Big Pony Fragrance video directed by Bruce Weber, featuring the new OneRepublic single Secrets.

The collection includes: 75 ml EDT/$50, 125 ml EDT / $65 and Coffret Set 4 X 15 ml EDT/$45, currently available online. Great gifts for the boyfriend or brother, take your pick from the four fragrances.

More info on each of the fragrances after the jump…

1: The Sporty Fragrance. Citrus Aromatic. Be a winner; be part of the team. This refreshing tonic matches up lime and grapefruit to propel men to victory. Representing the game of Sport and addressing the challenge of performance, the blue bottle is marked with a green Polo Player opposite a bold yellow number 1.

2: The Seductive Fragrance. Oriental Fougere. A sexy mix that hooks up dark chocolate and musk for undeniable attraction. Accented with a yellow Polo Player icon opposite a bold green number 2, the red bottle brings men into the game of seduction, addressing the challenge of love and the big play needed to get the girl.

3: The Adventurous Fragrance. Fougere Woody. A thrilling scent of mint and ginger root that triggers an adrenaline rush, and prepares men for an experience of extreme sensations. The scent addresses the game of adventure and the challenge of the outdoors. The green bottle is marked with a solid blue number 3 opposite an orange Polo Player icon.

4: The Stylish Fragrance. Woody Fruity. An energizing boost that layers mandarin and kyarawood for a one-of-a-kind, stylish edge. Representing the game of style and the opportunity to express individuality, the orange bottle is marked with a blue Polo Player icon opposite a bold red number 4.



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