Zac Posen for Target [Available Now]

Zac Posen for Target [Available Now]

Sunday, April 25, 2010 by Wendy Lam

Zac Posen for Target Lookbook

Sailor Dress in Tiger Print $39.99, Braided Belt $24.99 | Snap Tape Dress in Blue $69.99

Just a quick reminder that the Zac Posen for Target hits stores and today (April 25th)! Grab the stuff you want quick online, it’s going to sell out real quick! Let me know what you guys end up getting!

UPDATE: Some readers emailed and asked what I bought…I got early dibs on the black belt and blue Snap Tape Dress (my favorite piece from the collection) at the Zac Posen for Target NYC 24-Hour VIP Shopping Party on April 15th. Ordered the Brocade Skirt and Safety-Pin Print Short-Sleeve Top early this morning, hope those fit well.

Tuxedo Jacket in Black – $49.99, Pleated-Sleeve Top in White – $29.99, Tuxedo Pants in Black – $39.99, Scarf in Safety-Pin Print – $24.99

Gown in Safety-Pin Print – $69.99

Two-Piece Ruffled Dress in Red – $79.99

Tank Dress in Tie-Dye Print – $29.99, Two-Piece Ruffled Dress in Navy/Black – $79.99

Pleated Tie Top in Pink/Tie-Dye Print – $34.99, Ruched Skirt in Black – $34.99, Braided Belt in Black – $24.99

Zac Tee in Tie-Dye Print – $19.99, Tuxedo Skirt in Black – $39.99

Short-Sleeve Top in Safety Pin Print – $26.99, Chambray Bermuda Shorts in Blue – $27.99, Braided Belt in Blue/Pink – $24.99

Chambray Dress in Blue – $39.99, Zac Lipstick Tee in Red – $16.99, Braided Belt in Black – $24.99

Cardigan in Black – $49.99, Zac Lipstick Tank in White – $16.99, Tuxedo Pants in Black – $39.99

Moto Leather Jacket in Red – $199.99, Tuxedo Bodysuit in Black – $34.99, Braided Belt in Black – $24.99, Tuxedo Skirt in Black – $39.99

Sweater Dress in Black – $49.99

Brocade Tie Dress in Floral Print – $74.99

Cardigan in Black – $49.99, Ruched Halter Bikini Top in Black/Gold – $19.99, Brocade Skirt in Floral Print – $49.99, Braided Belt in Black – $24.99

Halter Dress in Black/Gold – $49.99, Braided Belt in Black – $24.99

One-Piece Halter Swimsuit in Black/Gold – $39.99

Low-V One-Piece Swimsuit in Red – $34.99, Scarf in Safety-Pin Print – $24.99

Dress in Polka-Dot Print – $39.99, Braided Belt in Blue/Pink – $24.99

Pleated-Sleeve Top in Polka-Dot Print – $29.99, Low-V One-Piece Swimsuit in Tie-Dye Print – $34.99

Raincoat in Yellow – $49.99, Ruched Skirt in Black – $34.99

COMMENTS: Sorry if the comments look a bit wacky or deleted/moved, was updating the system after I posted this. Comments were coming in while the system was upgrading so some comments may have gotten messed up. Hope you guys like the new comment system, it’s a lot easier to read and reply to comments/questions.



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