Forever 21 Spring 2010 Lookbook

Forever 21 Spring 2010 Lookbook

Monday, April 12, 2010 by Wendy Lam

I’m confused with the weather, is Spring here or not? One day it’s cold and one day it’s hot, it’s so weird. Sometimes I’m jealous that Cali gets the nice sunny weather all the time but then they get the earthquakes (scary), so can’t really complain. I also seldom check Facebook but thanks to my readers that check frequently, got tipped by Jenny that Forever 21 posted a bunch of their Spring 2010 lookbook images on their Facebook page. Some of the photos were taken outdoors and some were taken in their studio, some cute stuff.

I’m still mad that the Forever 21 stores in NYC has been super low on jewelry and sunglasses, there used to be so much that it would be bottomless now there’s a tiny section of it. What is going on? Have any New Yorkers noticed? Is it like outside of NYC too?

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