INSA x Tate Britain

INSA x Tate Britain

Monday, March 8, 2010 by Wendy Lam

As part of the ‘Bring the Noise’ events at Tate Britain, INSA was invited to produce a piece of work in response to Chris Ofili’s current retrospective exhibition. He produced two: a piece entitled “Only God and You Can Judge Me (Jumbo Edition)” and a pair of 10” platform high heels made from elephant dung, entitled “Anything goes when it comes to (s)hoes….”

To produce these insane heels, INSA retraced the footsteps Chris Ofili made over 15 years ago and sourced dung from the same family of elephants that produced the dung used in Chris’s infamous paintings of the nineties. Using similar techniques and materials; beading, resin and painting, INSA pays homage to the style and significance of Ofili’s early work. As a nod to their shared influences, INSA‘s work is entitled ‘Anything goes when it comes to (s)hoes…” a play on a lyric from the classic Big Daddy Kane track ‘Pimpin Ain’t Easy” which is referenced in numerous Chris Ofili paintings.

Both the heels and the new piece “Only God and You Can Judge Me (Jumbo Edition)” will be on display at Tate Britain from Sunday, March 14th. Charlie Dark brings together the likes of Tinie Tempah, INSA, Cooly G, Eddie Kadi, GoldieLocks, Cut the Chat TV, Jan Blake, Mala, Wah Nails and Rolling Sound in a mix of performances, artwork, events and workshops that respond to and resonate with Chis Ofili’s stunning exhibition at Tate Britain.

Exhibition Dates: Sunday March 14th to Sunday March 21st @ 11am – 6pm

Location: Tate Britain, Pimlico, London

Free tickets for main performances on a first come first served basis from 11am, plus see the Chris Ofili exhibition for £5 if you are under 26 and have ID.

Pretty insane I must say, 10″ PLATFORM ELEPHANT DUNG HEELS…OMG! LOL!



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