Opening Ceremony to Open Shop at Ace Hotel

Opening Ceremony to Open Shop at Ace Hotel

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 by Wendy Lam

If you recall, last year I stayed at night at Ace Hotel in New York, it was newly opened and there wasn’t much available. But since then they’ve added a few things here and there. According to WWD, Opening Ceremony opening a 1,500 square feet hotel concept shop in Manhattan, designed by New York architecture firm Leong Leong. The shop will stock specialty toothpaste and toothbrushes to Criterion DVDs to a McSweeney’s bookshop to Proper Attire condoms, souvenirs: including an Alexander Wang tote bag, a Proenza Schouler Dopp kit, and Tumi luggage.

“We wanted it to be the ultimate hotel shop,” said Opening Ceremony co-owner Humberto Leon, adding he and partner Carol Lim were approached by hotelier Alex Calderwood, who also enlisted downtown boutique Project No. 8. “Carol and I really envisioned living in a hotel and everything we would need.”

“We’re looking at this as a completely different situation [from the other Opening Ceremony stores],” said Leon, who prides himself on being an avid traveler, along with Lim. “We’re looking at snacks, like the best gummies from France and the best chips from London. We’re nerds who obsess over these little things.”



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