Petite Taille by Dior Homme – Denim Line for Women

Petite Taille by Dior Homme – Denim Line for Women

Thursday, December 3, 2009 by Wendy Lam


Dior Homme adds a new line of denim for women called Petite Taille, a collection of “tailored pieces for smaller women”. According to WWD, the denim is “modeled after the men’s collection, the women’s ultraskinny line is made from premium Japanese denim and has been adapted for the female figure with a touch of spandex for added flexibility. Washes range from raw to completely bleached and in shades of indigo or black.” The collection is slated to release globally next year in Dior Homme stores and prices ranges from 270 euros, or $407 at current exchange, to 785 euros, or $1,185, for more lavish styles.

“Dior Homme…has always appealed to women,” said creative director Kris Van Assche, citing the label’s slim fits and modern style. “Therefore, we decided to offer [women] a Dior Homme jeans version of [her] own, jeans being such a key and important unisex item galvanizing all wardrobes.”


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