SK-II Skin Signature Collection

SK-II Skin Signature Collection

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 by Wendy Lam


I was first introduced to SK-II when I visited Hong Kong a few years ago, apparently it’s very popular amongst the Asian community. I personally haven’t tried the brand out yet but my friends from HK loves it, have you tried? For fall 2009, SK-II introduces the new Skin Signature Series, founded following a dermatological study revealing that each individual’s skin has a tipping point, where elasticity and resilience begin to decrease more rapidly. SK-II recently developed a new clinical measurement tool to evaluate ones Skin Power (radiance, smoothness, and firm appearance improvements) and did a joint study to record women ranging in age from 22-55 and found the Skin Tipping Point between the ages of 30-40. Although I’m not at that age point yet, learning about it now doesn’t hurt. To help stave off the onset of tipping point effects, SK-II researched a bounty of ingredients, and introduces Oli-Vityl, derived from Tuscan olives to increase anti-oxidant activity and further promote elasticity and resilience.

The two new products includes a Skin Signature Cream ($195) – “Power cream” designed for superior hydration while prolonging firmness and Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask ($135) – Two-piece stretchable mask designed to simultaneously address the needs of both the upper hemisphere of the face, tracking horizontal brow lines; and vertical sagging at the jaw line. The new SK-II Skin Signature Series will be available on and at select Saks Fifth Avenue SK-II locations beginning November 2009.


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