Silence & Noise Rally Jacket

Silence & Noise Rally Jacket

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Silence & Noise Rally Jacket

Came across this Silence & Noise Rally Jacket while browsing through just now, definitely reminded me of the Alexander Wang Faded Jean Jacket that every celeb had on. The difference is not only the price but the Silence & Noise Rally Jacket seems darker and has faux leather on the sleeves, shoulder and collar where as the Alexander Wang Faded Jean Jacket has real leather on only the sleeves but when you compare the two they’re pretty similar. For those of you not wanting to splurge, this jacket is a great alternative for $138 which is almost four times cheaper than the original. But if you do have the loot to spend, def go for the Alexander Wang version which is currently available at Both jackets are cute, I like. Would you cop the cheaper version or splurge $595 for the real deal?

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Alexander Wang Faded Jean Jacket



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