Norma Kamali Spring 2010 Collection + eBay Collection

Norma Kamali Spring 2010 Collection + eBay Collection

Friday, September 18, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Photography: John Aquino

Yesterday, I missed the Norma Kamali Spring 2010 collection show at the Apple store in Soho and is pretty bummed about it, I love the brand’s signature grey jersey pieces. WWD reports that Norma Kamali unveiled an iPhone application for viewing all three Norma Kamali collections, press clips, YouTube videos and Kamali’s blog and also a new game on Roiworld with avatars who wears the 15-piece Norma Kamali line for Wal-Mart. I was wondering why it was held at the Apple store, it all makes sense now.

After the showing of the iPhone application, the Norma Kamali Collection, Norma Kamali for eBay and Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart collections were shown outside of the Apple store. The clothes were organized by color: red, black, white, gray and striped section, each model held a sign identifying the collection she was wearing. “A gray terry A-line hooded coat from Wal-Mart costs $18, a gray jumpsuit on eBay goes for $150, and a transparent ruched Victorian-style jacket in the Collection is $1,500. The most expensive item in the 23-piece eBay line is a coat for $285.” The Norma Kamali for eBay collection consists of her vintage pieces and the reason behind it is “that people resell the Wal-Mart pieces for twice the price, so she researched eBay selling for three months, and also decided to do an iPhone app, which came together in only three weeks.”

The OMO collection featuring the white pieces are really nice, I love the draping of the dresses- especially the one pictured above which kind of reminds me of a wedding dress. My favorite was the signature grey jersey collection, particularly the Norma Kamali for eBay Sleeping Bag Jacket and Norma Kamali for eBay Shawl Collar Jacket. Great stuff!

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