FASHIONAIR – Fashion & Shopping Entertainment Site

FASHIONAIR – Fashion & Shopping Entertainment Site

Wednesday, August 19, 2009 by Wendy Lam


FASHIONAIR, a new website being launched this fall by the brainchild of 19 Entertainment founder Simon Fuller and fashion entrepreneur Sojin Lee. FASHIONAIR is a new multi-platform fashion media brand set to launch its first project in fall 2009 with an unprecedented online experience, it is the first fashion site to fully combine original and inspirational high-quality editorial films with interactive shopping solutions and opportunities for viewers to personalize and manage their style. Each feature offers its own experience, all content is integrated inviting the user to discover, share and interact. Lots of action to keep you busy on the site like “7 Days of Chic”, “What’s Hot Now”, “Little Black Book”, “Style Diary”, “Best of What’s New”, etc. You’ll be sure to keep entertained and shop till you drop!

The site launched by invitation only this spring and will go wide on September 3rd, I’ve got an early sneak peek and it’s looking exciting!



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