Topshop Fall 2009 “Horror Girls” Collection

Topshop Fall 2009 “Horror Girls” Collection

Friday, July 10, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Photography: Topshop

For those that follow me on Twitter, you may remember when I tweeted during the Topshop Fall 2009 editor preview back in May since there were no pictures allowed all I could do was try to give you an idea by words. Finally the look book released, fall/winter is looking super amazing, the season is separated into four themes: Horror Girl, Highland Fling, Manhattan Cocktail and Marianne. You’ve seen a sneak preview of the look book and behind-the-scenes of the fall shoot here, the Emma Cook and Ashish footwear collaborations now here’s a look at my favorite theme, Horror Girls! This collection reminds of the Japanese style, I”m in love with all the looks. Oh boy I’m going to be broke…lol.

The Horror Girls collection is a quirky take on Hammer House of Horror movie dressing, Horror Girls mixes the fragile damsel in distress with the wicked vampire. Gothic lace is cobweb-esque and lines crushed velvet jackets. Victorian nightwear is reworked and appears in ivory colored blouses, bed jackets and corsets. Chiffons and petal ruffles are feminine and delicate, this is offset by more grungy pieces; 80s inspired denim jackets, shirts and jeans are slashed and bleach-splattered whilst leather is distressed. Studding and eyelets toughen the look further adorning jeans and fitted jackets, and slate mohair or soft angora in oversized ladder-weave knits appear moth-eaten. Prints are either abstract in sinister oxblood, scarlet and forest green or they are tongue-in-cheek with haunted houses, bleeding poppies, blood dripping stripes, or motifs such as ‘be afraid’ and ‘kiss the vampire’. Leather slouchy bags are scattered with zips and metal rings, belts are heavy with gold and pewter pyramid studs, and shoe boots are hardened with buckles, lattice panels and conical heels.

The collection is starting to hit Topshop stores and starting now, so keep an eye out if you’re diggin’ any of these looks. Do you love it? Which pieces must you own? Stay tuned for more pics…

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