OPI Matte Collection – You Don’t Know Jacques!

OPI Matte Collection – You Don’t Know Jacques!

Monday, June 8, 2009 by Wendy Lam


I was so excited about the OPI Matte Collection that’s launching in July, when I got the new matte You Don’t Know Jacques! polish to try out I couldn’t wait. This is the first time I’ve tried on the matte nail polish, so I really didn’t know what to expect. The matte polish dries very quickly (which is a good and bad thing) and is less messy than the normal glossy polishes, I used a base coat and no top coat to keep the matte look. With that said you need to be quick when painting your nails to avoid streaks, bumps and unevenness, I’m no expert with painting my nails but you get the idea so please look pass the not so professional manicure haha. The matte look is pretty interesting, I’m liking it. As mentioned in the press release, the “OPI Matte does not wear as long as original OPI Nail Lacquer” but it’s cool since I change my color all the time. I’ll keep track of how long my polish starts chipping, hopefully it will keep on for at least a week since there’s no top coat. Pretty interesting look, if you like the matte look the collection hits shelves in July.

What do you think of the matte trend?

> OPI Matte Collection

You Don’t Know Jacques!


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