Anna Wintour Interview on CBS 60 Minutes

Anna Wintour Interview on CBS 60 Minutes

Monday, May 18, 2009 by Wendy Lam


Check out Anna Wintour’s interview she did with CBS 60 Minutues, we all want a glimpse into her world. I just finished the clip on CBS and noticed what everyone was saying about the Gareth Pugh “Rocky Horror Show” insult- not cool! Peep the blurb below, but you will need to watch the clip to see what I mean:

To an outsider, these shows are another planet, part dazzling, part rocky horror show. The models seem as angry as they are emaciated, wearing clothes fit for a cadaver, and shoes that make stilettos seem sensible, and a legion of camp followers, and campy followers, chasing the celebrities du jour and the people who dress them. ~ Morley Safer

On the other hand, Morley Safer said, “She is also a very pampered one: Conde Nast, her publisher, picks up the bill for her hair and makeup every day of the week, and her rumored $200,000 a year clothing allowance.” WHOA, $200,000, crazy don’t we all wish we had just a quarter of that allowance haha! I wonder how much she gets paid with that kind of allowance, sweet! Watch the video clip and see what she has to say, very interesting…

“Well, I am very driven by what I do. I am certainly very competitive. What else? Am I needy?” she replied. “I’m probably very needy, yes. I’m, a bitch….” ~ Anna Wintour

Watch the video interview and outtakes after the jump…

“She is the most famous fashion journalist in the world,” Lagerfeld told Safer. “She says what she thinks. That’s why some people think sometimes she is a little tough. But I like tough people, and I like tough woman. She has to give a cold image to keep things going. That’s not that easy, huh? It’s like running a mad house, a fashion magazine.”

“There is always a moment when you question if Anna will like it or not, for sure. I think any designer who says the contrary would lie,” Ghesquiere replied.

John Galliano, who designs for Dior, calls Wintour his fairy Godmother. “Oh my goodness, in all my success, I mean, without her support I certainly wouldn’t be at the house of Dior today,” he said.

“You’ve been at in this for 20, more than 20 years now. Are you thinking that it may soon be time to pack it all in?” Safer asked.

“Not at all. To me this is a really interesting time to be in this position and I think it would be in a way irresponsible not to put my best foot forward and lead us into a different time,” she replied.

“Do you see, out there, in these outer offices, some young upstart quietly taking the measure of this office?” Safer asked.

“Probably several,” Wintour said.

Asked if she’d go quietly when the time comes, Wintour told Safer, “Certainly. Very quietly.”

Watch exclusive Anna Wintour interview clips and outtakes from Morley Safer’s report:

Anna Wintour on FUR…


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