Gossip Girl Flashback to the Eighties with Lily van der Woodsen

Gossip Girl Flashback to the Eighties with Lily van der Woodsen

Monday, May 11, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Brittany Snow, as Lily, and Krysten Ritter, as Carol

Photo by Michael Desmond / The CW

Tonight’s Gossip Girl is a flashback scene of a teenage version of Lily van der Woodsen from the eighties played by Brittany Snow and Krysten Ritter will play Carol as Lily’s estranged sister. “While Lily is all polish, Carol flaunts a more Desperately Seeking Susan punk style.” Gossip Girl fans will have a new show to look forward to, the blast from the past episode “will serve as a sneak peek at their as-yet-untitled Gossip Girl spin-off, which chronicles the wild adventures of a 17-year-old Lily in Los Angeles, circa 1983, with Eighties garb courtesy of Los Angeles-based costume designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack (the CW reveals its fall schedule on May 21).” Exciting, can’t wait to check it out!

There’s a flashback scene in tonight’s “Gossip Girl”: Brittany Snow, who plays a teenage version of the show’s matriarch Lily van der Woodsen, has to change from her preppy, Ralph Lauren look — tweed blazer and lavender riding pants — into something more suitable for a night out at a punk club. Scouring through her older sister’s locker, Lily tries on every type of Eighties outfit imaginable — an Olivia Newton-John “Physical” getup, a hard-edged Pat Benatar ensemble and Madonna’s classic combo of a belly shirt and suspenders — before finally settling into a strong-shouldered jacket, tiered dress and electric pink Givenchy heels. And over the course of an hour, viewers are transported back in time to the decade of excess. via WWD

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