Kobe Doin’ Work by Spike Lee Documentary @ Tribeca Film Festival

Kobe Doin’ Work by Spike Lee Documentary @ Tribeca Film Festival

Saturday, April 25, 2009 by Wendy Lam


Some of you may know that Wednesday night I attended a special advanced screening of Spike Lee’s latest documentary “Kobe Doin’ Work” at Nike Sportswear (21 Mercer Street). The space was transformed in a movie theater for the screening complete with popcorn, nachos & cheese, beer, soda and mini chicken sandwiches. Spike Lee was also in attendance for the evening to talk a bit about his experiences with Kobe Bryant and making the film, at the end he also answered questions. I had no idea what to expect but that’s always the best, I like surprises, although I’m don’t always watch basketball I do enjoy watching it. This documentary follows Kobe Bryant during face off against the San Antonio Spurs in the spring of 2008, Kobe was hooked up with a wireless body mic and 30 cameras were shooting at all angles. “With unprecedented access, Lee follows him from his arrival at the Staples Center through team meetings and pregame warm-ups, during the game itself, and at the end of his day as he, his wife, and his kids get in the car to drive home.”

The documentary was definitely an eye opener, I never knew Kobe was coaching his teammates so much during the game. He also got jokes and he really does talk a lot during the game- even he was surprised himself haha. Not a bad thing, I definitely enjoyed the 83 mins of this documentary. The film premiered today, April 25th at the Tribeca Film Festival, if you’re interested check out the show times here its showing until May 3rd.

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Bootleg from the private screening LOL

Spike Lee answering questions…

Time to wrap up…

Me and Melody

Me and Phil

All Day, Me and Clark Kent


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