WITCHES Collection

WITCHES Collection

Friday, April 24, 2009 by Wendy Lam

Photography: WITCHES

Introducing WITCHES, my latest obsession, a modern take on Goth, Grunge and Victorian dressing. The new “shadowy, supernatural and chic” collection was created by two childhood friends, Lauren Alexander and Gabby Applegate. Lauren Alexander started her fashion career with her namesake collection “Lauren Alexander” touted by Kitten Magazine and GenArt.  Then created a lasting impression on fashion world with her well-established basics line –LnA which I’m quite a fan of also. Now she wants back in the avant-garde circle and has teamed up with her childhood friend and fellow equestrian Gabby Applegate to create WITCHES.

WITCHES is a collection comprised of black lace, velvet, silk and spandex, perfect for the girls like me that is quite obsessive in dressing in all black. The collection includes everything from floor length velvet cloaks to lace cocktail dresses with rope details. The goal has been to combine all of these style elements to create something that they feel has been missing in their closets. This collection truly embodies the idea of a “modern witch”. The collection is super amazing, the lace leggings are hot! I love their presentation…wow! And yes they’re also wearing the black Jeffrey Campbell “Doo” Lace-Up Peep Toe Shoes, which is so perfect for the line! I can’t wait till the line releases, stay tuned for more info forthcoming…

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