Gap’s First Signature Fragrance – close

Gap’s First Signature Fragrance – close

Thursday, April 9, 2009 by Wendy Lam


Introducing close. Gap’s first signature scent for women enhances the natural beauty of a woman’s own skin with a hint of feminine florals to highlight her own subtle sexiness, all day long. close is the first fragrance that Gap EVP of Design, Patrick Robinson’s debut into the fragrance world and Gap’s first signature fragrance. “My team is constantly reworking our formula to keep Gap cool and relevant. That’s the most important thing to me,” says Robinson. “Being sexy is part of that lifestyle, and that was the first criteria for this fragrance. It had to be sexy, sensual and beautiful.”

This fresh, floral musk opens with distinctive topnotes: a transparent, sparkling water accord, fresh almond blossom, and salty citrus accord that evokes fresh-from-the-shower skin. “The salty part—that’s human nature, that’s how you get people close to you,” says Robinson. “The citrus part makes them stay.” At the heart of the fragrance, a bouquet of classic white flowers—spring freesia, jasmine petals, daphne, dewy stephanotis—maintains a sheer, almost invisible quality that is distinctly floral, yet delicate and modern. Base notes of creamy sandalwood and nuzzly skin musk combine with light vanilla and a kiss of amber to give close a feel-good, enveloping warmth.

Created by the world-renowned fragrance house Givaudan and developed by Interparfums, close owes its richness and depth to a handful of premium-quality natural ingredients. These include natural jasmine extract and Venezuelan tonka bean, plus a trademarked Benzoine (a sweet, sensual-smelling gum tree) and sustainable vanilla, both from Laos.

The scent’s sheer sensuality and modern simplicity is reflected in its transparent, egg-shape flacon and clear plexiglass box. “The bottle’s milky, opalescent finish was a way to make the color white feel special,” says Robinson. “When I think of Gap, I think of a white shirt, khakis, and a pair of jeans, and all of those colors show up in an opal.”

close will be offered in three sizes: 100 ml. ($35.00), 50 ml ($25.00) and 10 ml. ($8.50) and will launch in Gap stores on April 23, 2009.


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