LeSportsac Fall 2009 Collection Preview

LeSportsac Fall 2009 Collection Preview

Monday, April 6, 2009 by Wendy Lam

For the past two weeks I’ve been visiting showrooms for market appointments, one of my favorite stops was the LeSportsac showroom. Paula always shows me a good time and the LeSportsac bags and accessories are always fun which makes me happy. For LeSportsac’s Fall 2009 Collection they’re releasing 24 new seasonal prints and chic new revisions of the brand’s iconic shapes. The prints are cute and perfect for a casual day out and traveling.

Tickle is the newest reinterpretation of hearts and is filled with exciting jolts of purples and pops of eye catching aqua. The stripe this season, Denver Stripe, continues the purple love affair with sharp lavender and plum stripes offset by bold greens accentuated by low-key neutrals. To complete this purple story, Dimples’s lavender dots poke out of a gorgeous autumnal green. Traveling features travel gear covered in patches and stickers that yell out adventure, rock and roll, and peace. Brilliant colors jump from Magical camouflaging hot pink peacocks and neon green birds. Whammy hits us with quirky animated cutouts that peek through reds and pinks. Squirrels come out to play in Squirelly, deer stand stock still next to enormous flowers in Binky, while owls hide inside oversized goblets in Owl. This season, LeSportsac takes on plaids and florals, Prep School Plaid nixes traditional plaid patterns with a juxtaposition of bright red and blue with muted taupe and gray revealing a more playful and cooler school of plaid. Ardor goes Monet with fully bunched popping yellow, red, and blue flowers that all meld into a kaledescopic mosaic. Fado blurs the lines between floral and fauna taking viewers to beetle level. The Fall 2009 collection is slated to hit stores and online starting July.

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