Foot Petals To Save Your Feet!

Foot Petals To Save Your Feet!

Friday, April 3, 2009 by Wendy Lam


I have to admit I’m a shoe whore, my love for the heels has grown in these past two years- kinda out of control. The thing for me is that my feet is still not too used to walking in high heels, after an hour or so my ball-of-foot will start hurting and sometimes when its hot and I’m wearing pumps my feet starts to slide down. I know it happens to every woman so in case you guys are looking for a way to fix the problems I recently got these Foot Petals Tip Toes ($6.95) to place under the ball-of-foot and boy is my feet happy! It relieves pressure, supports feet in high heels, prevents calluses from forming but most important it cushions the sensitive ball-of-foot area where I feel it the most. I also got the Killer Kushionz ($12.95) for my killer shoes, the shape of the cushion is so cute unlike the traditional shoe cushions. The full insole can be worn in open toes shoes and sandals, perfect for the not so comfortable shoes. I really like Foot Petals, their cushion is thicker than the usual soles I pick up at the store plus they have super cute designs to choose from. You can buy Foot Petals at and

Any of you guys fans of Foot Petals too?




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