All American Stetson Fragrance Launch Event

All American Stetson Fragrance Launch Event

Friday, March 6, 2009 by Wendy Lam


This past Tuesday, March 3rd, was the launch of the All American Stetson, a modern new fragrance for the all American man at Coty. New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady is the face of Stetson, he was there live via video conference  answering questions about the fragrance and the ad campaign. Tom is a very charming man, very funny also no wonder Stetson chose him to be the face. And not to mention he’s recently wed supermodel Giselle Bundchen, what a hot couple! One thing I learned about Tom is that he likes to be very clean, he loves to shower, have a fresh hair cut and keeps his nails clean. Tom’s favorite note in this cologne is Black Suede. It was a very entertaining event, I had a good time hearing Tom crack jokes!

The All American Stetson cologne for men is an aromatic woody fragrance created by perfumer Harry Fremont and targets today’s young male market [ages 25-35]. It’s about the lifestyle of the strong, sexy All American guy, living true and free. The fragrance captures the essence of the great outdoors with vibrant woods and fresh water ferns, merging with sensual spices.

“All American Stetson expands and diversifies the Stetson portfolio by appealing to a younger demographic with a fresh new fragrance that is modern, sexy, and distinguished, yet adventurous,” said Steve Mormoris, Senior Vice President Global Marketing. “All American Stetson brings a new facet of the brand to life, while still holding true to Stetson’s authentic heritage and spirit of the Great American West.”

Top: Cedar Leaf, Guava NaturePrint®, Ginger Root
Mid: Black Suede, Sage, Nutmeg, Fern Water
Dry: Amber Wood, Vetiver, Patchouli, Musk

All American Stetson Collection: 0.5 oz. Cologne Spray $14.50, 1.0 oz. Cologne Spray $19.00, 1.7 oz. Cologne Spray $26.00 and is currently available.

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LIVE web conference with Tom Brady


Me and Mary Beth (Coty)

Terry (Coty) and Me

Emily (Coty), Mary Beth (Coty), Me and Dina (Attention)

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Tom Brady signed the All American Stetson Cologne Spray for all the bloggers

Tom Brady


Inspired by the thrill of the great outdoors, All American Stetson opens with the cooling freshness of cedar leaf, ginger root and guava NaturePrint®, exuding an invigorating sensation. The heart of the fragrance is built around rich notes of black suede and nutmeg, while notes of sage and water fern capture a vibrant confidence that is both modern and rugged. The fragrance dries-down with the warmth of amber wood and musk, flawlessly blending with notes of vetiver and patchouli which create depth and masculinity.


Since Tom Brady is not able to engage in sports like kayaking and snowmobiling, there’s a video game online at where he plays and you can virtually challenge him to win prizes. Winners will receive an autographed memorabilia, round trip tickets to a destination or bottles of the cologne.


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