Britney Spears is the New Face of Candie’s

Britney Spears is the New Face of Candie’s

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 by Wendy Lam


Despite what people say or think of Britney Spears, I’ve always liked her- felt bad for her when she was going through her “phase”. But now she’s back and better than ever, she’s got a dope album out and her body is back in shape! Britney is now on The Circus tour, I’m hoping to catch her show too! She has also signed her first apparel endorsement as the new face of Candie’s which is sold exclusively at Kohl’s. According to WWD, “Spears will be featured in a campaign that will run in print, TV, in-store at Kohl’s and online. Kohl’s and Candie’s will also be part of Spears’ promotional activities, and, in true multimedia cross-platforming, the pop star will wear Candie’s apparel, footwear and accessories in a music video off her current album, Circus.” Go Britney!

Check out the exclusive footage from her tour after the jump…


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