The Olsens Launch The Row Menswear Collection

The Olsens Launch The Row Menswear Collection

Thursday, February 5, 2009 by Wendy Lam


According to WWD, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is launching a menswear collection under their label The Row. The Row’s women’s collection is already well established and takes inspiration from the fabrics and tailoring traditions of menswear so its not surprising for the expansion. The Olsens are committed to making the garments in America, Ashley says, “That’s our thing — an American brand made in America. When we looked in the men’s market, we couldn’t really find basics you could wear with designer — the same concept as our women’s. So we started the process with pants and blazers, because we knew it would take time to get that right.” Prices are just as hefty as their womenswear collection, “retail prices for the 35 men’s pieces range from $230 for a two-ply T-shirt to $3,200 for a cashmere overcoat. Patterns include herringbone and plaid, and the palette is all neutral. Tailored pieces feature soft construction. Trousers come in two fits, but both are relaxed. Sweaters are perhaps the most distinctive items, especially one style with a cowled shawl collar. ” I’m sure if the garments are well made and nice there’s a market for it, but our economy is not doing so well now and people are not spending as much so to put out $3200 for a cashmere overcoat…I don’t know…

As you know I seldom post about men’s collections but its the Olsen twins, how could I resist 😉 and I’m sure my male audience would appreciate this!

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