Limited Edition Chanel Coins

Limited Edition Chanel Coins

Thursday, November 20, 2008 by Wendy Lam


Only Karl Lagerfeld can pull this off, to mark the 125th anniversary of Gabrielle Chanel’s birth he designed two gold and two silver coins each featuring Chanel‘s portrait on one side and a giant number five on the other, representing their face value of five euros, or $6.30, a reference to the house’s classic scent. There will be only 99 pieces of the gold coin weighing five onces produced with a hefty price tag of 5,900 euros, or $7,450. The total collection of 11,099 coins goes on sale on December 1, 2008. via WWD

It’s definitely a collector’s item because no normal person can afford this, I’d rather buy a bag- don’t you agree?! If only I was a rich girl…


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